zara case.

Paper instructions:
1)    Clearly label the sections according to the rubric – ie statement of the problem ( 2-3 sentences) analysis which is most of the paper (1-2 pages) then recommendations (1/4-1/2 page) which flow directly from the analysis. The executive summary can be ½ page in bullet form, which precedes the paper and is not included in the page count.

2)    Make the theoretical framing of your paper more obvious.

3)    Problem Identification- Add a heading “Main Problem” Then problem should be clearly stated in one or two sentences.

4)    Recommendations – Your recommendations should be clearly tied to analysis. Use APENDIX

5) Read What is the Right Supply Chain for your Products? and use it on Zara, as it is a perfect example of a responsive supply chain, a melding of design capability and demand pull processes.

I have attached a paper with its graded rubric which was done by a friend with the same professor.. plz read his paper and the feedback from professor highlighted in red and make sure to apply them in my paper..

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