Youth and Sport- Youth Sports Observation

1.Pick an organized team sport to observe (I live in Grand Forks North Dakota and just chose any event that is occuring in Grand Forks)
2.Any age below
high-school age is
3.Make some observations about the children. Things that could be
a.Type of activity children are involved in
b.Amount of playing
time children get (total time on task, equal
playing time)
c.Differences among the children you are observing (age, size,gender, skill level, etc)
d.Amount of enjoyment you perceive they are getting out of the
4.Make some observations about the organization of the activity(in terms of
what you feel is suitable for children of that age)
5.Make some observations about the coaching behaviors (supportiveness,
instructiveness,punitiveness: reinforcement, mistake-
contingent encouragement, corrective instruction, technical instruction, non
-reinforcement,punishment, punitive instruction,controlling behaviors)
6.Make some observations about the parent behaviors
(similar to coaching
7.Try and link some of what you have observed to what you have learned in
class if it applies. Some of the concepts to consider include readiness,
maturational differences, parental and peer influence, gender differences,
self-esteem, competitive anxiety/athletic stress,
knowledge base and
attentional capacity


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