Your task conduct a literature search of scholarly empirical studies to identify past research related to your research topic.

Finding Research Studies

Each student must find at least four articles (can be more than four) and annotate them. Make sure that these articles are directly relevant to your topic and of help as you develop your research project.

• You must locate at least four data-based articles that report empirical research
• These articles should be from academic or industry sources. Whatever the source, make sure the article itself is scholarly in nature. This rules out popular magazines (e.g., Time, Newsweek), newspapers, and other such non- scholarly sources.
• One useful place to start is the Communication and Mass Media Complete (CMMC) database available via the Wayne State library ( There are other databases too, such as ProQuest and PsychInfo that should yield relevant studies. We cover how to search articles during the class.
• You must report both quantitative and qualitative research.
• You should be able to present what you annotated to other students (10 minute presentation).
Annotating Research Studies

To annotate a research study means to summarize it. I am expecting you to summarize the study in your own words and not simply copy the study abstract. Thus, the summary must be in your own words (do not simply copy!), focusing on identifying the:
a) research background and topic,
b) variables they studied,
c) hypotheses / research questions, and
d) results with regards to these variables and hypotheses/ research questions.



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