Writing about Drama

Paper instructions:
Assignment: Devise an essay covering the dramatic play, “Beauty” by Jane Martin. Focus in on a social issue the play raises, and form an argument on that topic. The social issue in particular to use for this essay will be jealousy, and people not being content with themselves. The idea is to discuss why “the grass is not always greener on the other side.” Another idea to discuss in the essay is that people must find happiness within themselves, and not always be comparing their self to someone else.

• To integrate or synthesize the ideas from selected readings.
• To write an essay that is thoroughly developed and logically organized.
• To incorporate in-text citations and type a Works Cited page.
• To achieve a tone that is reliable and academic.

• MLA format
• Length: 4-5 pages, typed, double-spaced (not including the Works Cited page)
• 12-point font (Times New Roman)
• A minimum of two correctly quoted and documented outside sources (not including the textbook).
• One source must be a scholarly journal. The other may be a journal, website, or book.

Sources should include at least one scholarly journal. The play, “Beauty” cannot count as one of the sources used.

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