Write a critical analysis of Susan Glaspell’s TRIFLES.

Topic: Write a critical analysis of Susan Glaspell’s TRIFLES.

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Write a critical analysis of Susan Glaspell’s TRIFLES.

Your essay should include:
• Content: Insightful thesis that informs entire paper; effective
introductory and concluding paragraphs; sufficient evidence to support
assertions; textual citations using MLA documentation
• Organization: Strong paragraphing (topic sentences, effective
transitions); climactic order in the argument
• Grammar, Mechanics, Language: No major grammatical errors (run-on
sentences, fragments, etc.); few serious mechanical flaws (punctuation,
apostrophes, spelling, etc.); strong diction (vocabulary) and syntax
(sentence structure); proper manuscript format

1. A trifle is something that has little or no significance or value. Why does Glaspell entitle her play TRIFLES? How does her title connect to the larger themes in the play?

2. What are some of the important symbols in TRIFLES? How does Glaspell use these symbols to convey deeper levels of meaning?

3. TRIFLES is set in 1916, four years before women secured the right to vote. In 1921 after much lobbying by women, only six states changed their laws to allow women jurors. Do you believe that Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale are morally obligated to tell the County Attorney what they know about the murder? Why or why not? Your argument must be grounded in the text.

4. How do 20th century gender roles affect the outcome of the play? Consider the social expectations and restrictions imposed on both men and women.

5. Consult your Critical Thinking Study Question as a springboard for developing your own topic.

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