Write a children’s book

Write a children’s book
The story has to be adapted for children (Language,vocab) It has to be a fun story that children would understand but also that holds a message for adults. Can be short since ill later make it into a book to read to elementary school kids.

Ex of books that were shown as an example towards writing the story: Ish by Peter H. Reynolds and A snowy day by ezra jack keats

You can include fiction like talking animals etc.
Attached are the guidelines.

In terms of ideas, remember to ask yourself:
1.) Is your message cliche?
2.) Is your plot and/or message predictable?
3.) Do you show and not tell?
4.) Is your language compelling?
5.) Does your story include aspects of both the literal and the figurative?
6.) Do you engage an adult audience as well as an audience of children?

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