Women History Paper

Write an essay 4-6 paragraphs long; about a page and a half double spaced.
Do not use internet sources.
If any part of your essay is copied from Wikipedia, the textbook, the slides, or another source you will receive no credit.
Save your exam as a .doc, .docx, or other word processing file (or a pdf).
The first word of the filename should be your last name (i.e. Smith-exam-2.docx)
Your exam is due Monday, May 6 by midnight. Late exams will be subject to a 10-point penalty; after a week the penalty goes up to 20 points.


This exam is open book and open notes.
Choose a position, present your position in the first paragraph and in the conclusion.
Support your position with historical details.
Include statements that show your own analysis.
Edit your essay well – I do not deduct points for poor spelling and grammar, but I need to be able to understand what you mean.


Compare and contrast Second and Third Wave feminism. What motivated their outlooks? Which philosophy do you think was more effective in helping women achieve social


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