What is the impact of Nepali artist interpreting the concept of Federalism through Contemporary Art?

Subject: Sociology

This research proposal is focused on development work and education in South Asia.

And this is a Research Proposal not Essay for a PhD program
I would like the writer to be familiar with Univariate analysis (used for quantitative analysis) and include within my methodology section as well as methods for qualitative analysis which I have included some options (for the writer) to choose from below:

Methods of Data Analysis in Qualitative Research

Below is a brief overview of the most common methods of data analysis as used in qualitative research. ATLAS.ti is not limited towards only one specific method. Rather, with its powerful and flexible tools, it supports all the approaches to data listed below in highly efficient ways.

Creation of a system of classification, list of (mutually exclusive) categories.

Essentially a typology with multiple levels of concepts.

Grounded Theory (Constant Comparison)
Coding of documents, categories saturate when no new codes (quotes?!) are added to them; core/axial categories emerge.

Form hypothesis about event, then compare to similar event to verify/falsify/modify hypothesis. Eventually central/general hypothesis will emerge.

Matrix/Logical Analysis
Predominantly Use flow charts, diagrams.

Count numbers of events/mentionings, mainly used to support categories.

Event (Frame) Analysis
Identify specific boundaries (start,end) of events, then event phases.

Metaphorical Analysis
Develop specific metaphors for event, also by asking participants for spontaneous metaphors/comparisons

Domain Analysis
Focus on cultural context, dscribe social situation and cultural patterns within it, semantic relationships

Hermeneutical Analysis
Meaning of event/text in context (historical, social, cultural etc.)

Discourse Analysis
Ongoing flow of communication between several individuals; identify patterns (incl. temporal, interaction)

Meaning exists in context alone; identify specific meaning in connection with concrete context

Content Analysis
Identify themes/topics, find latent themes/emphases. Generally rule-driven (e.g. size of data chunks).

Idiosyncratic meaning to individual, potentially focused mainly on the reseracher?s own experience/reception of the event


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