Visual Arts and Film Studies and media production

Project description
1) Pick a specific media production in print, video, TV, web, other… (website, music video, commercial, advertisement, promotion — posters – flyers – etc. others…

2) Analyze the media production for the following criteria:

a) Use of visual imagery (discuss its visual appearance Re the elements & principles of design —

b) What is the message – intent of the artist(s) /producers?

c) How do the visual elements contribute to communicating the message – intent of the artist(s)?

d) What, if any, are the hidden messages, hidden agenda(s) illustrated in your chosen piece?

e) What aspects of this piece do you consider might be controversial, offensive, or contrary to values some groups may hold?
Discuss specific elements and content that may apply and to what group it may affect.

f) Who is the target audience? Who do you believe is the demographic group that will relate and/or respond to your chosen piece?

3) Do you believe your chosen piece is effective in communicating the artist(s)’ / producer’s message or intention(s)?
If so, why? — If not, why? Is your chosen piece art? Why? – Why not?
Address the questions of the assignment, your process (cultural and personal perspectives and points of view), and your conclusions.

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