U.S. Immigration

“This was the outline I submitted but it can be altered”
The U.S. Immigration policy.
-Discuss what it currently is and how it is being enforced.
-Discuss how effective it is or is not.
-I will thoroughly evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the current policy and the offer my input for its improvement. I will also discuss any similarities between my suggested method and the proposed Obama immigration policy.
-Explore the reasons for and outcome of past immigration booms dating back to the 1800s.
-Discuss the motivations for a more open immigration policy in years past and the potential benefit to the U.S… (Jewish, Japanese, Cuban and Mexican)
Point out and discuss the opposing groups and policies aimed at eliminating immigration in the past.
• The American Protection Association
• Immigration Restriction league
• Klu Klux Klan
-Discuss the many attempts made to restrict immigration.
-Discuss in detail the Immigration Act of 1965
-Explain the hardships that the immigrants endured once here
Issue Analysis:
-Revisit the current policy. Provide an in depth exploration of the pros and cons.
-Provide a very clear explanation of Obama’s proposed immigration policy and discuss the pros and cons of that effort.
-Give fact-based information explaining why illegal immigration is such an area of concern and what it may mean for the future if left in its current state.
-Here I will offer my personal suggestions for immigration reform and improvement. I will use supporting data from numerous sources to support my statements. I will ultimately paint a picture of unity and a very positive resolution that benefits everyone involved. I am aware that not everyone can be satisfied, but this will be my attempt at doing so.
-Finally I will offer the future payoffs for utilizing my method of reform and how these improvements offer a positive environment for generations to come.
Bibliography(sources page)


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