Trend analysis

Topic: Personal connections/relationships

You will work with a partner of your choice on this assignment. Identify and analyze a trend in the marketplace that reflects society or popular culture (some previously studied trends are listed below – you may select any trend on or outside of this list). Your trend should have some implications for marketing and advertising. Review your topic with Professor Clark. Only one team will study a trend.

Research this trend using available secondary research and literature and any published studies. Summarize your trend and support it with facts from at least 5 secondary sources (beyond product web sites). Then draw implications from your trend for marketing/advertising in five product or service categories. You may use 2-3 examples of products/services that already exist and support the trend, but at least 2 examples need to be opportunistic applications of your trend in new product/service categories.

You and your partner will give a Power Point presentation – ten minutes in length – using a laptop. Spend part of your time highlighting the trend, and then briefly review your 5 examples. Your presentation will be supported by one five-page double-spaced paper, which should include parenthetical (MLA) citations and a bibliography listing sources used. Please hand in a paper copy of your presentation.

(What we need to do in this project is Summarize your trend and support it with facts and 2 product, my teammate will do the rest part)

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