transsexualism (whipping girl)

Draw on the book, Whipping Girl, and from other sources:

-Chapter 26 in the Color of Violence anthology on trans-activism
-a documentary or clip we watched in class (most links available in the PowerPoints)

1. Who is creating and perpetuating the dialogue about transsexuality and transgender/ transsexual people, and
how? Be sure to define transgender/transsexual and cisgender gender identities, and cissexism/cisgender
privilege. Compare and contrast the multiple ways that transgender people are misrepresented in the media,
art, and academia (archetypes, ungendering, obsession with the body). Is Serano successful in building her
argument that transgender/transsexual femininity is exploited and oppressed? Has she overlooked anything?
Finally, discuss the arguments for moving beyond cissexist models & proposed alternatives to do so.

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