transition to work

: transition to work

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Complete an application journal which clearly documents and reflects on your development throughout the process of this module. The journal is expected to be a work-in-progress which will begin during the first few weeks of the module and continue until the submission date. The journal will contain a range of reflections and evaluations on your development in a number of aspects of the module. Ensure that you highlight and reflect upon those ‘critical incidents’ which you see as key to your learning and development. You are expected to support your work with relevant theory and examples.

Suggested documents to be included are:

A reflection of your development since completing the first assignment. This could include a reflection on whether or not your goals have changed. If so, how? What has happened to change your goals or reinforce them?
Revisit your skills audit. Can anything else be added to it? Why?
A reflection on your improvements in completing CVs, cover letters, application forms, letters of application, etc.
Interview practice questions and answers, company research, an evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses in these areas and a reflection on your development in this area since the beginning of the module.
Highlight any incidents which have influenced your career development plans.

Assessment Criteria (Equally weighted):
Demonstrate an ability to analyse, evaluate and reflect on experiences and to explore self-development in the placement application process.
Identify strengths and weaknesses and communicate the key areas for development.
Present a coherent and well-organised portfolio, presented in an appropriate format, with accurate referencing, a relevant bibliography and clear signposting to appendices.
Demonstrate evidence of further reading and wider research using a range of sources.

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