Traditional Cultures Report


*Purpose Of The Assignment*
Culture change seems inevitable due to globalization, accelerated modernization affecting all parts of the world. Modernization is a process by which traditional, nonindustrial societies acquire characteristics of technologically complex societies. Either through voluntary or forced acculturation. Because culture is integrated, change in one area, such as subsistence strategy, affects all aspects of that culture. Accordingly, traditional cultures find themselves facing loss of customs and core values, leaving many people unsettled, disoriented and demoralized And, in fact, many feel that the benefits of technology outweigh culture loss.

Organize your paper to tell the story of one culture facing culture change due to globalization, immigration or war and political unrest. After you have told the story, explain how you feel about the change that has taken place – good or bad – and how the world should deal with the loss of traditional cultures – are we the better or the worse?

**Collecting & Organizing your data**
– You MUST read Chapters 15 & 16 in your text.
The text book i’m using in class —> “Essentials of Cultural Anthropology”
(Second Custom Edition for Diablo Valley College
Haviland, Prins, Walrath, McBride, 2010
ISBN – 13 978-1-111-47109-5)
– You can find the text book or echapters in this website ( OR go to this Facebook (!/profile.php?id=100005831891118)FACEBOOK NAME: KENI TSUI
– Select a culture (preferably one we have not studied in class) that is alive today or has been destroyed in the 20th century.
– USE the anthropological tools (terms and concepts) you have learned to examine how “modernization” and “globalization” are affecting or have affected the culture you select, both positively and negatively. To do this, you must describe the culture prior to and following attempts to modernize.

**Include important background information and comprehensive answers to the following questions: **

– Describe and explain the forces which have caused culture change in this culture.
– Discuss your feelings about the change(s). Was it inevitable; is it for the best, what have we/ they lost?
– Was the culture you selected a successful culture and has it remained successful? Explain, and be certain to define success.
– What are the processes of change your culture has undergone?
– Following the change what did the culture look like?
– What are the prospects for your culture’s future under the influence of globalization and westernization?
– Make a cross-cultural comparison to show patterns of change worldwide.

**When you writing your paper**
– Getting help with your Dvc library website :
– Check the library’s extensive list of DATA BASES that offer relevant and timely information on your research topic and support your course work.
– Write a 4-5 page paper PLUS title page PLUS bibliography containing at least TWO outside sources.
– The paper should be typed, double-spaced, pages numbered and stapled. DO NOT number your title page.
– Attach the first page of all internet articles used.
– Here is a example to write a research paper
. Background
a. Marriage
b. Subsist

. How globalization has affected the culture?
a. Where modernization comes from?
b. Effects of modernization.4. Compare to other culture of same type.

. Prognosis
a. Change is good/bad for culture & for busin.
b. (Can culture survive, if so, does culture remain changed?


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