ToThe influences of alcohol on three different types of events

Sporting events, charity events and corporate events and the need for alcohol in society.
Alcohol is a key factor in the culture of the United Kingdom and has huge power to influence the outcome of different events. According to Heath, D.B in ?Sociocultural Vairants in Alcholism ?”Sociocultural variants are at least as important as physiological and psychological variants when we are trying to understand the interrelations of alcohol and human behavior. Ways of drinking and of thinking about drinking are learned by individuals within the context in which they learn ways of doing other things and of thinking about them–that is, whatever else drinking may be, it is an aspect of culture about which patterns of belief and behavior are modeled by a combination of example, exhortation, rewards, punishments, and the many other means, both formal and informal, that societies use for communicating norms, attitudes, and values.” Therefore, the impact of alcohol present in events can be positive or negative and the consumption of alcohol in specific types of events is debatable. Sporting events can become quite competitive and become quite violent and consumption of alcohol could prove to be quite a risk however at the same time, alcohol can be a crucial in creating the ambiance that is the reason millions of fans spend money to attend sporting events. Alcohol is known to make people more emotional and more generous, so open bars during charity events can be quire encouraged. Alcohol can also cause errors in judgment and change the way you behave in different situations. Depending on how formal a charity event is, the way you present yourself in society is critical. Behaviour is also important in corporate events and consumption of alcohol is something to think twice about. However on the other hand, alcohol consumption helps to develop relationships and could be beneficial in creating lasting relationships amongst business partners. By focusing on these three sectors of events, I hope to analyse the influences of alcohol on events and to answer the follow question:

To analyze the influences that alcohol has on society and to determine whether alcohol impacts the success of an event.


The objective of this paper is to analyse the influence and effects that alcohol has on the success of a variety of different events, through primary research such as observations onsite at the events, interviews with events managers, personal experimentation and surveys and secondary research such as investigating theories and case studies. I will be specifically, looking at society and culture in and during sporting events, charity events and corporate events. Therefore I hope to determine whether or not alcohol is a necessity at events or whether they can be a success without it.


? Society and the need for alcohol
? The role alcohol plays at sporting events such as football events, luxury charity events and corporate events.

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