Topic: Why the Stand Your Ground Law Should Be Reformed

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English 112 � Argument-Based Research
Essay 1 Assignment
Policy Argument

Students should understand and apply the two canons of rhetoric inventio and dispositio with particular attention to:

� Creating a clear, effective thesis Statement which makes a debatable claim (takes a clear position) about the policy which you have chosen.
� Demonstrating use of Three Modes of Persuasion (where appropriate within the student�s particular essay. All modes may be used, but that is not a requirement).
� Demonstrating use of �Common Topics� (genus, analogy, causal) where appropriate. All common topics may be used, but that is not a requirement.
� Demonstrating use of sound logic and the avoidance of logical fallacies
� Demonstrating effective paragraph organization with particular attention to effective topic sentences, unity, and coherence

Students should understand and apply knowledge of Standard American English, including clean grammar/editing and clear, effective style

Students should understand and apply MLA standards of format, research, and documentation

� Essays must be 1200-1500 words in length, typed, double spaced, in 10 or 12 point font, Times New Roman. Essays that do not meet the required length will be severely

penalized (even ones that are a little bit short!). Works Cited pages do not count towards word/page requirements.

� Put your name, the class and section, my name, and the date all in the upper left hand corner. Insert a header with your last name and the page number in the upper

right hand corner

� Essay must include effective source usage from at least four sources, properly documented using MLA standards (including both in-text documentation and a Works Cited


o Refer to the LB Brief or Chapter 7 of the Current Issues text for further information on documentation. Pay particular attention to pages 313-325 (a student sample

essay). Do not include a title page or footnotes.
o Some Grading Reminders:
� Please refer to the full grading rubric for more details on how I grade each essay.
� Avoid major grammatical errors (codes 29, 35, 36, and 37 in LB Brief). As this is a second semester composition course, the expectations are that successful essays

(�C� or better) will contain few, if any, of these errors, avoiding patterns of major grammatical errors.
� Be sure to edit your essay for more minor (but still important!) mistakes with punctuation. In particular, pay attention to codes 39, 40, 41, and 42.
� Please visit the REAL Center (available on campus or virtually) to receive feedback on issues like focus, organization, and development

For this essay, you will either (a) argue in favor of the implementation (or retention) of a particular policy, or (b) argue against the implementation (or for a

repeal of) a particular policy. The policy should be one which has been or could be adopted by federal, state, or local government, or one which has been or could be

adopted by a particular organization of your choosing.

For some ideas on topics, you might consider glancing at Chapters 15-31 in the Current Issues text. Each one revolves around a �hot topic� which may spur some ideas of

your own. Alternatively, you might go to WTCC�s library�s �Research Databases� and find the Opposing Viewpoints in Context database (down near the bottom of the page).

If you browse around there, you might find something interesting (though you may have to narrow down the topic somewhat).

Warning: I would not say the following topics are forbidden, but unless you are willing to write a fresh, original, and logically sound essay of an excellent caliber,

I would stay away from these: abortion, gay marriage, death penalty, legalization of marijuana, and global warming.

If you do not find an argument on governmental policy interesting, then you might consider writing an argument about an organizational policy. These might be civic

organizations or ones which you are involved with through your occupation or hobbies

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