Topic: the dark side of leisure personal critique

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The personal critique is a reflective paper that addresses the following course objectives:
a.    analyse the major conditions affecting leisure attitudes and recreation choice
b.    apply principles of leisure theory to their own lives
c.    explain the social psychological underpinnings of leisure in contemporary society
d.    critically assess other people’s beliefs and attitudes to leisure
The critique is designed to allow students to expand on the critical reflection they started to engage in with the journal and to explore one of the weekly topics

covered from weeks 6-12 in more depth. This is designed to be a critical view or commentary about one of the topics presented in the second half of the course. In

particular, students are encouraged to explore the more personal side to the topic. I want to know your thoughts and perspectives on the material. However, this still

must be well supported by credible literature… It isn’t just about you telling me your opinions. There is more information about this on the course learnonline site.

NOTE: The topic chosen for the reflective study must be different from the topic chosen for the major essay. For example, if you choose to focus on gambling from Week

11 in the reflective study, you cannot do the major essay on gambling. You could do it on another topic for example, recreational drug use or pornography, however…)

As per the journal, the critique should be standard in terms of format (i.e., 11 or 12 point font, 1.5 line spacing, margins about 2.5cm). I won’t be too fussy about

minor details like font selection, but a good general format is required. Please include a cover or title page with your name and student number as well.

Referencing is required to follow Harvard, APA or author-date conventions

Marking criteria and standards expected for all assignments are outlined later in the booklet.


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