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the assghinment has 2 parts. part one needs to review research papers which i will send through email because i am using a public computre.

All work must be properly referenced and paraphrased. Do not overuse quoted material. Avoid using secondary referencing as much as possible.
Both parts of each question must be answered for a pass grade.
Word count
1,000 words plus or minus 10%.
part one question ( i will send the research papers via email ):

Review the research papers Your review should elaborate on and compare the argument or findings and the methods
used in the papers. In what ways do these papers make a contribution to our knowledge on
the topic they discuss?
The papers chosen should be fully referenced at the start of the question, e.g. Author/s,
date, title, publisher or journal volume, issue and page reference. This does not contribute to
the word count.
You may wish to draw on other resources regarding the process of reviewing.
Word count
1,000 words plus or minus 10%.

Part two question:

Drawing on one piece of published survey research, assess the extent to which the research (a) demonstrates the value of the survey method and (b) assess what further

value a qualitative element DID or COULD have added.

General instrcution for the format of the essay:

1. Assignments should be typed, 10 or 11 point font size (Times Roman or similar if possible) double spaced with a 4 cm margin on the right side of the page with the
page size specified as UK A4. All pages must be numbered.
2. Assignments should be submitted in either Microsoft Office and/or PDF format (.doc, .docx, .pdf etc.). File names should be kept simple and only contain

alphanumeric characters (a-z0-9), spaces and underscores (e.g. Valid_filename_1.doc). Files with other characters such as apostrophes, brackets or commas may not be

accessible by markers.

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