Topic: program evaluation in nursing

Order Description

Design a hypothetical program evaluation for your particular workplace unit, or an alternative site with which you are familiar. The evaluation should be well grounded

in the setting, with its purpose for the unit clearly stated. Include an inquiry-methods matrix (such as shown in Ch 14 of FSW or the one below) and a Gantt

Chart/timetable for the conduct of the evaluation.

The project should not exceed 3-5 pp, and should include brief sections on the following where relevant. * Denotes required components

I. Background and preparation

1. Description of the setting *

2. Purpose of the evaluation *

3. Chief model on which plan is based and why *

4. Audience(s) *

II. Conducting the Inquiry

5. Key stakeholders *

6. Likely key evaluation questions *

7. Inquiry methods plan (eg, Ch 14 FSW examples or Table A) *

8. Analysis and reporting

III. Program Management

9. Likely staffing needs

10. Other resource needs

11. Program schedule: Gantt Chart using a format similar to Table B *

12. Utilization strategies

IV. Discussion

10. Caveats and anticipated difficulties

11. Areas for further study (optional)

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