Topic: potential disasters that could result in mass casualties



2 page paper in APA format, address questions 1, 2, and 7 from the Learning Activities on page 583 in your text: it is included in explanation.

1. Assess the community where you live for potential disasters that could result in mass casualties. (NYC)
a. What disasters are predictable? In (NYC)
b. Are there measures that can be taken to prevent or minimize injuries, death, or destruction? (after September 11 NYC has been adopted plan for mass occur measurement)

2. Find out who is responsible for disaster management in your community. ( ?????)
a. What plans are in place for warning people and for communicating which actions to take in the event of a disaster?
b. Are the people aware of these plans?

7. What emergency supplies does your health care facility have available in the event of a disaster? (I do work in rehab facility of NYC)
a. What provisions have been made available for vulnerable patients, when there is no electricity?
b. How would patients be evacuated from your facility to safe shelters?
Use at least two scholarly references to support your work.

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