Topic: Marketing strategy of LG Lifeband Touch

Order Description

• Critically examine the Product strategy.
• Critically examine the Pricing strategy.
• Critically examine the Place strategy.
• Critically examine the Promotion strategy.
• Conclude with a summary opinion on the success of the marketing strategy.

each dot point you should start by introducing the marketing concept to be discussed, and provide some theory based discussion on how the concept ‘fits’ within an integrated marketing strategy- then apply evidence from your secondary data to this theory to show your understanding of how it relates to a practical business context . It is this ability to organise and apply appropriate secondary data to marketing theory that demonstrates your understanding of the elements of an integrated marketing strategy.

* Academic references : 5 (academic journal or books) – use this to introduce the concept of theory
* Secondary references (10 from websites or newspaper ) – use this to apply evidence to demonstrate understanding.
* Do not include introduction and content page.

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