Topic: How does being responsive to children’s needs and interests develop innovative pedagogical practices?

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The Developing Child: Understanding Learning and Teaching Critical Essays

1 x 2250 word critical essay which demonstrate understanding of learning and teaching in early years.

Meeting the Assessment Criteria at Level 7

In order to demonstrate detailed systematic and critical understanding of knowledge perspectives and interpretations in an area of professional relevance at the

forefront of the discipline trainees will:

• identify and select appropriate sources of information relevant to the professional context, which captures a diverse range of views, linking theory to practice

about teaching and learning;
• critically evaluate relevance to context, authority and credibility of sources;
• develop an argument that evaluates approaches to practice within learning and teaching.

In order to demonstrate critical understanding of specific tools and research strategies to support reflection, analysis and synthesis of ideas and information related

to professional practice trainees will:

• present and analyse evidence systematically and identify complexities and ambiguities
within research relating to learning and teaching;
• synthesise complex and contradictory evidence to develop and evaluate new insights or approaches to learning and teaching;
• reflect on and evaluate the research undertaken and the credibility of outcomes and relevance to practice.

In order to demonstrate the evaluation of complex issues autonomously and creatively, presenting varied evidence to support professional judgements which can further

develop practice trainees will:

• Analyse the evidence and present ideas and solutions which justify professional judgments in developing practice for learning and teaching;
• critically evaluate their judgments and implications for their current and future practice;
• show awareness of potential impact of enquiry more broadly and identify questions for further enquiry.

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