Topic: Discussion

Thus far we have developed a quality product and made it available to end users through an effective distribution system. Now it’s time to price the product.

1. Develop a pricing strategy for your chosen product/service. My chosen product is Chocolate Bars “Twix”.

2. Discuss what factors will impact your pricing strategy

3. What pricing method would you use for your product/service and why?

4. These two questions require research using the textbook (Chapters 13 & 14). No other resources are required. Citations and a reference list are required for this post.

5. The post should be 2-3 paragraphs in length (or at least 275 words)

6. Grading Criteria:

a. MAIN POST: Discussed Factors Impacting Pricing Strateg (20)

b. MAIN POST: Selection and Rationale for Pricing Method (25)


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