Topic: Critique the representation of Africa as a continent

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– The main focus of this paper should be “Mistaking Africa” By Curtis Keim also using Akons music video “Oh Africa” to demonstrate ideas. ONLY TWO SOURCES
– Only use “to be” verbs four times in the paper NOT MORE PLEASE
– No passive voice sentence structure PLEASE
– Not more or less than 4 pages

Early African History
Keim Paper Assignment

This assignment requires you to critique the representation of Africa as a continent or of a
Pam-GU13, African country, peoples, etc. utilizing Curtis Keim’.s Mislaking Africa. To complete
this assignment, you must select an outside fieading, filni, $166311: ]C:f3)P;(1§2, fir Ogle; source found
in the popular media. Possible sources fort 1S paper inc u f Oth thmte t, dime h
1,/agagme, _]/ewsweek, movies, and ‘tel€VISlOI’1 shows to name a dev:/d. ers a s Ients ave
written on include restaurants, musical perforrnances, plays, an a vertising campaigns. In
selecting your source, foremost focus on writing on something that interests you. However. you
may not choose one that Keim addressed in his book.
A successful paper will not only look for obvious flaws or stereotypes found in the students
chosen source, but will also use Keim’s text to contextualize why such issues persist in the text.
Raising questions of audience, authorship, and time and place of writing should help you achieve
this goal.
Your paper should be four pages and double-spaced with one-inch margins. Please print only on
one side. All papers should also be stapled.
In this paper, you will only be allowed to use a form of the verb “to be” four times. It must also
contain no sentences structured in the passive Voice.
Furthermore, each student is re uired to have the item the wish to criti ue a roved b the
Cl Y _ . _ q PP Y
instructor by no later than September 29. To do so, please visit during office hours. If those
hours do not work for you, contact me as early as possible so that we may schedule an
appointment at another mutually beneficial time. Failure to get your topic approved will result
in a two-letter-grade penalty.

Address why it is racist.
What is the hope and the underlying message?
Who are the audience?

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