Topic: conflict management in organizations, why do conflict arise and how should we manage them?

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A critical review of literature you choose for your proposed research (2,500 words, excluding references
In your Literature Critique you are required to present a clear argument for your proposed research and to outline one or more research questions based on your argument. Just one substantial and well-articulated question that captures an important problem in your area of research is required.
In your literature review you will critically assess major pieces of your chosen literature and suggest how your proposed research may relate with your literature.

The opening section of your literature or research methods essays should begin with the following first paragraph:
INTRODUCTION: First paragraph of your Introduction should make five points in five sentences:
1) “This literature critique essay is about … because [research problem]”,
2) “The literature [on your topic/research methods] suggests [what about this problem for your literature critique essay] and therefore my research question is …” or “suggests [for your research methods essay, what suitable research methodology & suitable methods] based on my research question …”,
3) “Based on this literature my ARGUMENT is …”,
4) “I draw on [what literature to explore my research question by critiquing my chosen literature [in your literature critique essay]”.
5) Either “My anticipated learning from my preliminary reading [for literature critique essay].

my argument is that conflict arises in organisation on many levels, and when it arises, between 2 or more people, this conflict may cause the organisation harm. because each of the parties involved in the conflict might act in a manner that is against the best interest of the organization and its goals, in addition to having a negative impact on the atmosphere in the work place. and possible resulting in the sacking of 1 or more of the parties involved. moreover, when a conflict becomes personal, parties involved in the conflict will most likely prioritise there personal interest over their professional duty. therefore, we need to know why do conflicts arise so we can try and prevent/minimize them, and we need to know how to manage them in a manner that is positive for the parties involved and the organisation.
please note that the literature critique includes identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the literature that is related to the research question and research problem and argument. I found that literature from cross-cultural management and human resource management and business ethics are closely related to my topic.

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