Topic: Case study on a La Trobe University venture

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Case study on a La Trobe University venture
( Melbourne bundoora campus)

***The business venture has to be something la trobe doesn’t have… for example a new online service or a phone app, etc the venture has to make money and it has to be not there***

***You must to link your new business to latrobe’s mission and vision
***It has to for example help students or help the community

– Describe an entrepreneurial based venture La Trobe University could enter into.
– Discuss how La Trobe University can leverage its assets to help the community and existing businesses in Melbourne.
– What are the market opportunities for this entrepreneurial based venture and how does it relate to La Trobe University’s mission and values statement?
-What resources are needed for the venture and what are the advantages/disadvantages to this entrepreneurial based venture?
– you can compare la trobe venture to another university
** show you have done the research

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