To what extent is female sexual offending overlooked by the criminal justice system and society? Why is this? What impact could this have?

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It is a Criminology essay. Sources should be mainly from the UK, not USA or somewhere else. Essays should be no more than 3,500 words in length. References should be more academic, like books, articles, journals, not non-academic websites. Don’t be plagiarised. The essay should be sound and coherent. The intro and conclusion should give a good orientation to the readers. It should be good to focus more upon aspects that you introduce. Be specific on your explanations. Please do expand on it. Also, try to think of the conclusion as a summary of the most important points as well as the overall answer, implications, limitations of the research that you have examined and any recommendations that you want to leave the reader with. ***I will send you a file which contains everything you have to write in the essay and the structure of the essay and the references that you can use in the essay. Please follow the instructions thanks.

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