Title: US History Discussion Board Post 1

Title:    US History Discussion Board Post 1
Project instructions:
RESEARCH answers, at a minimum, for THREE (3) DIFFERENT questions from the Chapter Questions/Topics list below

QUESTIONS/TOPICS:Expectations–IDENTIFY the question you are addressing, address ALL ELEMENTS in a question/topic, and SUPPORT academic analysis with “evidence” from text or other scholarly sources.

1:1 What were the key characteristics of the three worlds (European, African, Native American) that met in the Americas? What impact did their encounter have on each of them? AND, what were the crucial initial developments in that encounter?
1:2 STATE OF THE LAND: IDENTIFY the origin of each of the following items AND discuss the significance* of the exchange of each item: beans (New World); chocolate (New World); corn (New World); cotton (both); horses (Old World); potato (New World); pumpkin (New World); turkeys (New World); wheat (Old World); wool (Old World). *Significance = Clarifying effect/result/consequence on history. Answer: ?If NOT for the exchange of ? how would history be different??
1:3 STATE OF THE PEOPLE: Native Americans had a variety of complex cultures. What factors led to such a wide range of civilizations? Describe some of the important differences between Indian culture groups. Describe any significant similarities.
1:4 STATE OF THE NATION: What factors led to the relatively rapid conquest of the Caribbean and Mexico? Why did the Spaniards prove less interested in, or less successful at, colonizing other areas of North America?
1:5 STATE OF THE PEOPLE: Mexican history includes an Indian heritage and a European legacy. IDENTIFY key factors of Indian and European cultures. Discuss positive European influences on the Indian populations. Discuss areas of conflict and conquest between the two. What is the significance of both the Indian heritage AND European legacy on Mexican history?
2:1 How did the European nations differ in their approach to settlement? Did they share any substantive similarities? What benefits did the New World provide for each “mother country”?
2:2 Why did the French and the English have different policies toward Native Americans? What were the long-term consequences of those policies?
2:3 What differences existed between the southern and northern colonies? Did any similarities exist? What role did geography play in emigration? What part did religion play?
2:4 What environmental problems did the colonists in Jamestown face? What about the site of the town might have encouraged illness? What economic difficulties plagued the colony? What cultural characteristics seemed inappropriate, even dangerous, to the settlement?
2:5 Did the Puritans succeed in achieving their purpose of establishing a ?city on a hill?? Why or why not? Does any legacy of this concept remain in American culture? Do any other elements of the Puritan ethic continue to shape the United States?

The paper has to be at least 500 words. I have no preference on which questions you would like to research.


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