: Title IX and its evolution over the past 40 years in America

Topic: Title IX and its evolution over the past 40 years in America

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Forty years ago a new era began for girls and women. No longer did girls and women only had cheerleading to look forward to. Title IX became a Civil Rights Issue. It caused for equal play and social change. It started a whole new culture in United States Sports. Even though Title IX legislation has existed for 40 years, it is amazing that confusion still exists with respect to gender equity. In my research, I will explore the beginning and history of I will look into the pros and cons of Title IX. How Title IX gave new opportunities for girls to play the games too. I will also look into how Title IX affected boys and men’s sports. I knew back in the 70s men’s college athletics teams took a hit because of Title IX. Some of those men’s sports never recovered. Men are now claiming Title IX is not fair to them. So what is up now with Title IX?
Title IX is still in the news and colleges, high schools and elementary schools are affected by Title IX on a daily basis. Just what are some of the issues today and how are they being handled will be examined. Even as an educator, Title IX has me complying too! By doing this paper it will only help me be in compliance on a better level and help my cohorts be aware of Title IX and making sure we are all complying with the law of Title IX

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