“Those winter Sundays”

“Those winter Sundays”
Paper instructions:
Paper #3: “Those Winter Sundays”

Focus: Imagery, metaphor (one body paragraph on each). How do imagery and metaphor relate to the theme of the poem? Also, reflect on father-son relationships as shown in the poem.

A reaction paper conveys a student’s response to one specific aspect of a text that he or she has read. No research is necessary. A text is interpreted and analyzed in a manner that is as concise as possible. The reaction paper has a point or thesis that focuses on a single idea or aspect of the work. Arguments are used to justify the thesis, and these arguments are typically supported with evidence from the primary text in the form of paraphrase, summary, and direct quotations. Direct quotes should be brief and used sparingly. Your response should be thoughtful and articulate. Reaction papers should NOT be summaries.
For each paper, develop a thesis based on the focus. Write an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. The body paragraphs should develop the focus or foci of the paper. Papers should be 500 words in length and formatted MLA style. You should use at least one or two brief quotes from the work in your paper and document with MLA in-t


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