The subject of this essay will be some aspect of HG Wells’ novel.

The subject of this essay will be some aspect of HG Wells’ novel.

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For your last essay you are going to write a longer version including outside research of your first two essays. The subject of this essay will be some aspect of HG Wells’ novel.
Your essay must be at least five full pages long not counting a title page or works cited page. You must include at least 4 outside sources from either Galileo databases or books from an academic library (no websites). The novel does not count as one of the four sources since you have to use direct quotes in support of your thesis. You must also use MLA format for all citations within the essay and on your works cited page. Use a 12 point legible font. Double space your work. All essays must be typed.

Writing prompts: you do not have to use one of these, but feel free to use them as a starting point for your discussions.

1. Choose one aspect of society that Wells criticizes in the novel and examine how he goes about doing so.

2. What aspect(s) of Wells’ future society can you see within modern society (American or otherwise)? How do these similarities reveal themselves in the novel? In modern society?

3. Both Mike Judge and HG Wells satirize aspects of their modern culture in their works. What similarities are there between their methods of critique and the subject matter they are criticizing? Why do you think these similarities exist despite the works being written almost a hundred years apart?

4. What differences do you notice in the aspects of society that Wells and Judge criticize in their works? Why do these differences exist aside from the obvious one regarding the time they were written?

5. Agree or disagree with the claims that you think Wells makes regarding problems with society, and defend your beliefs. Feel free to relate your response to modern society and Judge’s film as well.

6. How do Wells and Judge use humor in their works? Is it more effective in one than another? Why? Why do they choose humor as one means of telling their story?

7. Find a current issue in American society and explain in detail how Wells addresses this same issue in his novel.

8. What role does technology play in the novel? In the film?

9. What predictions concerning the roles of technology does Wells make in his novel that you see realized in our own time?

10. How is the News portrayed in either the novel, film, or both? Why do you think they have chosen to depict it in this way?

11. How is the military used in these works? Note any similarities or differences and decide why you think these are important to notice.

12. Clothing is important in both works. How do these artists (Judge and Wells) use it to reinforce ideas within their works?

13. What commentary on the medical field is offered in the novel? Feel free to include the way Judge uses it in his film as well.

14. What commentary on the modern individual (early 1900’s and early 2000’s) do these works make?


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