The Rogerian Proposal Essay Outline

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My Topic is:
The Internet Should be Monitored by the Government.


1. State your proposed thesis statement for this topic. Remember, your thesis statement is a complete sentence.

2. **Document Attached** List a peer-reviewed source that you plan to use in this essay. You must show both an in-text and a works cited citation for this source. *Note: To receive credit for this question, the source must be peer-reviewed and correctly cited (a hanging indent is not required to receive credit).

3. Give a tentative outline for your essay. Remember, your essay must have the following components: introduction and claim, background, the opposition (given without bias), claim, warrants for both your claim and the opposition, the common ground between your claim and the opposition, the conclusion. Clarify these components in your outline. Your outline may be a topic or sentence outline.

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