The Post Arab Spring: Will democracy Take Hold in Yemen?

Subject: Political Science

Will Democracy Take Hold in the Middle East?

All semester we have studied why democracy has eluded the Middle East and why
authoritarianism has been so rooted. For this final paper assignment, I want you to think
seriously and carefully about the prospects of democratization in your country. Will
democracy ever take hold? If not, why not? If so, why?
For your paper, you need to make a specific argument. To do this, you will have to do
the following:
1) Define democracy and explain why you have chosen this definition.
2) Choose and hone in on a single criterion you will argue is necessary for
democracy to take hold. Explain why this criterion is critical to democracy.
3) Assess and explain and show whether that criterion is met or will be met in your
chosen country.
Remember, an argument is only as strong as the evidence used to muster to it. So you
will have to do some outside research — hence, a research paper!
You will have to determine how democracy should be defined, and then you will choose
one criteria to focus on. To do this, you will come up with ideas from your outside
research on democracy, from the semester’s readings, and from your country specific
readings. The sky is the limit here and feel free to be creative. You may focus on
anything from: economic development, free press, women’s rights, separation of church
and state, etc. You are not arguing that this is single criterion is ALL you need for
democracy to take hold (i.e., that there is one smoking gun), but rather for this paper you
are focusing your efforts – looking in-depth — at this one criterion in particular


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