The next war poem by Wilfred Owens with the Sassoon quote

The next war poem by Wilfred Owens with the Sassoon quote
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12pt times new roman one inch margins underline thesis and topic sentences
Poem centered under title single spaced then go into double spaced essay
With the secondary sources make a strong and interesting question at issue, example thesis along the lines of, (war for flags are never worth the sacrifice of your friends lives death is not the enemy but a companion an old chum)there will always be another war to fight how will we choose to spend the time we have with the ones we love
Develop why the Sassoon quote was used to start the poem
Develop a strong case of critics of the day or today
That we need to understand from the poem and why it was written, who wrote it, historical aspects of the war and the coming next war, analysis of the poem
How the poem was arranged
Use more than a few quotes in the essay to bring it back to the text as well as paraphrase the poem in the essay focus and develop death as a old chum eating, mess tins, as a specific character a friend
MLA format in all essay with works cited page in MLA
Use at least two fanboy commas and two proper semi colons in paper
Conclusion a new way of stating the interesting thesis

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