The Movie “John Q” starring Denzel Washington

The Movie “John Q” starring Denzel Washington
atch the movie “John Q” (2002, starring Denzel Washington, James Woods and Ann Heche) and answer the following questions. Use APA format when writing your paper (12 point Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins on all four sides, no extra spaces between paragraphs, subheadings, etc.) and submit as a Word attachment via the D2L assignment dropbox by the deadline.
Be sure to clearly label your answers so that it is apparent to me that you are addressing all parts of the assignment.
Note that using terminology and concepts from your reading displays your mastery of the material and increases your potential for maximum credit.
1. Evaluate the decision John’s company made about insurance coverage using the three ethical frameworks of utilitarianism, principle-based and virtue ethics. Your analysis should a) identify the ethical issues involved, b) identify the stakeholders, c) consider available alternatives and d) consider how a decision affects stakeholders.
2. Include the following considerations in your analysis:
a. What responsibility do companies have to inform employees about changes in health coverage? employment status?
b. What responsibility does John have to keep up with his status?
c. Is it ethical for firms to make changes that are in the best interest of the firm and not the employee?
3. Describe the corporate culture of the hospital, being sure to provide examples from the film to support your analysis. How did that culture influence the behavior of the hospital staff in various situations depicted throughout the film?

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