The Macroeconomic Paper

Topic: The Macroeconomic Paper

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The Macroeconomic Paper tests your ability to apply economic principles to a business decision considering the impact of macroeconomic variables. Select one situation from the items outlined below: A to D. Complete the paper on the selected situation as specified below. The completed paper is a professional report and is due in Week 6 (180 points). See the grading rubric at the end of this document. For sources of data, you can choose from the list presented at the end of this document.

Each of the scenarios has a list of macroeconomic areas you are to address, with sources, in your answer. Research and show how these apply to your scenario: GDP growth rate (20 points), the business cycle, unemployment, and inflation (40 points), fiscal policy and level of unemployment (30 points), monetary policy and interest rates (30 points), and demographics (10 points).

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