The Inquiry Process

Project description
Reflective Essay: The Inquiry Process

Now that you have completed your own Personal Action Research Plan and walked in May’s shoes by taking a journey through her teacher inquiry, reflect on the following

questions and write a summary reflection. Use what you have learned throughout this course from all resources, including the text, course media, articles, case study,

and “Dial-A-Researcher” media segments. How can you transfer this learning experience into better preparation for the implementation of your own action research study?

Revisit your answers from the Week 1 Application and respond to the following:

What are some specific areas of change in your perception of action research and what particular experiences altered that perception?
What actions will you take in your own classroom based on what you learned about May’s teacher inquiry?
What teacher inquiry actions might you take outside of your classroom?
With these thoughts in mind, synthesize your learning in this course by describing how your understanding of action research has evolved over the last 7 weeks. Include

references to Learning Resources from various weeks of this course.

Go to
password QueenEC75
1.)Current Course Action Research
2.) Week7 Resources for background info
3.) See Application REFLECTIVE assignment which is the same directions listed above.
4.) See attachments for essays written for course
5.) Look through the resources of the course weeks 1-7. This mean you have to login into the account. USE THE RESOURCES FORM THE COURSE AND COURSE WORK
Please make sure you follow directions of assignment with correct grammar. Use if you need too. In the past, I have received failing grades from previous

writers. Please make your best effort.

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