The Death and Beauty of the Ocean



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Below is a more detailed description of your “Argument for a new weekly topic” assignment.
For this assignment, you’ll be writing essentially a persuasive essay of about 2-3 pages (500-750 words, no more, no less). In the essay, you’ll be arguing for a new weekly topic for this course. Your audience is your classmates and me. You can use some outside sources if you need to, but try to limit them to no more than three. If you do use sources, please cite them accordingly with citations and a Works Cited list. I’m mostly interested in your opinions here, especially about how you would argue for this theme to students or faculty outside this class.
Remember, when I say a weekly topic I’m specifically referring to a lens or frame for viewing the ocean.
When you make your argument, follow a traditional essay model that includes the following:
– An introduction that engages readers, provides some relevant background information and context, and offers a thesis statement.
– About three or four body paragraphs that clearly state a specific reason why this topic or how this topic would work well for a course like this one and a theme like ours this semester.
– And a conclusion that re-engages readers to keep them reading, restates the thesis statement, and actually concludes something.
Some other questions and ideas to help you…
– How specific is your topic? How is it uniquely different than the other topics we’ve covered this semester? It should really stand out and be unique!
– Why is this topic important? How rich or dynamic is it? If you taught this course, how much could you do with that topic? Could you extend coverage of that topic to beyond one week?
– Does this “lens” for viewing the ocean transcend specific time periods? Or is it mainly limited to one?
– Similarly, is this lens/topic unique to specific societies or cultures? Or is it somewhat universal (or at least popular among different societies and cultures)?
– What specific texts and genres would you use to teach this topic?

Topic: The Death and Beauty of the Ocean
The Basis of the Topic: When looking at the ocean one would think it could be a place where many people and things could die. The ocean in its entirety has many creatures located in it. Some of the creatures you find in the ocean that could be harmful or even dangerous to humans and other sea creatures are: Chironex Jellyfish (Native to Northern Australia), Blue- Ringed Octopus (Tropical areas in shadow waters), Stonefish (Indo – Pacific Ocean), Great White (Found further in the ocean), Tiger Shark (Found Near Shores and eating old materials found on the Ocean Floor), Stingrays (Found near the Ocean Floor), Sea Snakes (Indian and Pacific Oceans), Lionfish (Caribbean and Eastern Atlantic Oceans), and Fire Coral. The above named creatures all hold some beauty to the sea but can be distinguished as Ocean and the death. If you are not aware of their habitats or what makes them dangerous lurking in the ocean for educational or excitement could lead to Death.



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