The Darwin Eye

Background: You are a reviewer for a street magazine called The Darwin Eye. The publication is read by young people living in Darwin (aged 18-25 years old) who are looking for ideas on how to get the most out of their city.

Task: Write a 700-word review for the 23 Sept issue of The Darwin Eye.
More info: During September, try out a new experience in or around Darwin. It could be an event, film screening or gig. Or it could be something or somewhere you’ve been to before, that may have existed for a while – but that you’ve personally never tried until now (ie. jumping croc tours at Adelaide River, Berry Springs Nature Reserve, Leanyer Recreation Park or Finlay’s Joint Café near Palmerston).

Please note: this experience MUST be new for you, otherwise it won’t be able to bring a fresh perspective to your review.

To hunt down an idea, visit tourism or ‘What’s on in Darwin’ sites/publications, such as ‘Off the Leash’.

After your experience, write a 700-word critical review.

Marking structure:

Total value 25%

Quality of writing 60 (30% accuracy/grammar, 30% style)

Quality of research 15

Original thinking 20

Headline 5

Extra tips:

While experiencing your gig, tour, film, café, etc – take extensive notes as to what happens/what’s said/what you’re thinking. Trust me, you’ll forget 50% of it, otherwise.
Stick to the word limit: submissions more than 10% above or below 700 words will be penalised.
Don’t forget to include a headline.
Get organised & research your event early – in case something fall through.
Chapter 18 of Zinsser addresses how to write a good review.
Note: Darwin is a city in the northern territory of Australia



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