the culture of the organization.

Paper instructions:
The report must include answers to at least the following questions:

What is the culture of the organization?
How do you know that this is the culture (i.e., what are the signs of the culture)?
What caused the organization to have this culture?
What is the effect of the culture on the organization, the employees, and on society (make sure you address all three groups)?
Can the culture be changed?

Note, also use the text, Chapter 15 as a checklist on topic areas to cover in the presentation and report.

The report must be professionally written and well organized. See paper, “Tips on Writing an A-Paper.”  It should be a minimum of 2 pages in length. Do not put in

fluff—it should be precise and concise, but also complete. Reports must include a list of sources used. Students are encouraged to access resources from the company,

and to contact organizational members as part of their research.

Additional materials link:

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