the concept ‘Sustainable Development’

the concept ‘Sustainable Development’

Order Description
I need different definitions of the concept ‘Sustainable Development’.

Firstly, one general definition for sustainable development, and brief description and argument about it (around half a page).

Secondly, two other definitions, specifically for the need to integrate sustainable solutions within urban drainage issues and flood risk management. This is the main part which needs deep explanation and argument about it.

My research is looking at the global discourse on sustainability, and then I need to provide specific definition that relates to either : flood risk management, urban drainage system, disaster management, the threat of climate change which has led to increasing rainfall causing drainage problems and surface water flooding. I need to use these definitions and discussion to pick my argument up.

Could you send me all references you will have used as attached files to download them, please?

Note: please, please, please do not call me or share my phone number, just contact me by send a message or an email.

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