The Church stance on pneumatology and its mission statement, formulate a lesson plan


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Prepare a lesson plan of 1,000 to 1,250 words in which you do the following:

1) Obtain copies of the statement of doctrine/beliefs and the mission statement for your church or a church with which you are familiar. Arrive at a clear understanding of the selected church’s pneumatology. Interview the pastor/minister for clear focus and understanding, or the church’s belief on the work of the Holy Spirit, if there is no published statement.

2) Using your understanding of the church’s stance on pneumatology and its mission statement, formulate a lesson plan that could be presented to a group in the church. This teaching plan should clearly explain the church’s position on the Holy Spirit. It should also present evidence of the Holy Spirit’s work in the church and ways the Spirit should be involved in the life of the church.

3) Support your lesson plan with Scripture.

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