‘The Bourne Identity’,

The movie I chose to write about is ‘The Bourne Identity’, which revolves around the life of a man names Jason Bourne. The movie is based on the novel by Robert Ludlum that had the same name as the movie. The movie was set in different countries include the United States and France where Jason went as he was being pursued by authorities.

Jason Bourne a white American male, single with no children, presented with the following symptoms: Pt. shared that he was confused about who he was. Pt. shared that he did not understand the extent of his abilities. Pt. shared that he cannot remember anything. Pt. shared that he has gunshot wounds to his back and can’t remember how they got there. Pt. shared that he was able to speak and write several languages and can’t remember learning them. Pt. shared that he fears that his life may be in great danger. Pt. shared that he discovered several passports with his photograph but different names. Pt. shared that he was confused about who he really was according to the information on the passports.

Marie, Pt’s girlfriend shared that she met Pt. as he was escaping to Paris. Marie shared that she drove Pt. to Paris. Marie shared that she helped him discover his identity. Marie shared that she fell in love with Pt. Marie shared that she was ready to help Pt. regain his memory.

After meeting with Jason I felt that he could be suffering with dissociative amnesia, dissociative fugue, and depersonalization disorder. When looking at dissociative amnesia, the patient is unable to recall any personal information as a result of a trauma or stress. This is a symptom that Jason is undergoing. When looking at dissociative fugue, the patient is confused about their identity and become predominantly disturbed leading to an unexpected travel away from home, therefore, I am ruling out the possibility of this disorder. When looking at depersonalization disorder, the patient experiences feelings that are detached from current activities making them feel like in a dream. In addition, the patient is clinically under significant stress or some form or impairment, therefore, I am ruling out the possibility of this disorder. Therefore, I am diagnosing the patient with dissociative amnesia.

Multiaxial Diagnosis
Axis I:     Dissociative Amnesia
Dissociative Fugue
Depersonalization Disorder
Axis II:    Dissociative Fugue
Axis III:
• R/O Medical
• R/O Substance

Axis IV: Psychosocial and Environmental Problems

Problems with primary support group      Specify
Problems related to the social environment    Specify
• Death or loss of a friend
• Inadequate social support
Educational problems          Specify
• Academic problems
Occupational problems          Specify
• Job dissatisfaction
• Stressful work schedule
Housing  problems           Specify
• Homelessness
• Unsafe neighborhood
Economical problems          Specify
• Inadequate finances
Problems with access to health care services    Specify
Problems related to interaction with the legal system  Specify
• Incarceration
• Victim of a crime
• Arrest
Other psychosocial and environmental problems    Specify
• Other hostilities
Axis V GAF: 21 Current   30 Past Year

Discussion Forum
In the movie that I chose, ‘The Bourne Identity’, Jason Bourne is portrayed as a young man who is suffering from extreme memory loss. This is after he was found in the Mediterranean Sea by local fishermen with gunshot wounds to his back. After an assessment of Bourne’s behavior, I diagnosed him with dissociative amnesia but dissociative fugue and depersonalization disorder. I was able to rule out dissociative fugue and depersonalization disorder as Jason did not portray the specific symptoms. Thus, my final diagnosis for Bourne is dissociative amnesia.

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