The beginner classical singer: how to learn a new art song or operatic aria.

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1. If the piece is from an opera, oratorio, song cycle or cantata, read the text of the entire work so that you understand where this particular scene fits in the drama.
2. Scan the entire piece quickly, noticing changes of key, tempo, mood, dynamics.
3. Read the text aloud. Look up definitions for words you don’t know. If the piece is in a foreign language:
a. Translate it word-for-word.
b. Write the IPA.
c. Speak the words.
4. Tap the rhythm of the piece.
5. Speak the words in rhythm.
6. Sing each phrase with no words.
7. Practice the piece on each of the pure vowels.
8. Practice singing each phrase with the words.
9- Translate all the composer’s marks and indications.
10. Practice singing each phrase applying dynamics, tempo changes, colors of voice, and mood.

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