Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are designed to control your use of this website and our services. You must read them carefully. Once you use this website or our services, you will be legally bound to our terms and conditions.

1. Definition of Terms

  • Client: Refers to the person placing their orders with the company and adheres to the terms and conditions.
  • Company: Refers to the provider of the academic writing service.
  • Agreement: Refers to acceptance these terms and conditions.
  • Order: Refers to a request for a product from the company by the client. The order must include the requirements and resources used for the work.
  • Product: Refers to the work produced after placing an order. The work is original and done to the specifications of the client.
  • Messaging system: The software used on our website that offers a means of communication between the client and writer or with the support staff.
  • Writer: A freelancer employed by the company to research and write academic work per the company agreement.
  • Support staff: The team of the company’s employees that organize and assist with the order processing.
  • Revision: Refers to the request sent by the client for editing the final product if it fails to meet the initial requirements of the order.

2. Registration and Placing Order

  • The client must create a profile with the company, through registration (signing up). The client must provide name, email address, phone number, and country of residence during registration. The client must ensure that the information provided is accurate. In case of any changes to the information provided, the client must update the information or notify the support staff.
  • A client is allowed to have only one profile. All communication with the company should be through one profile. The company reserves the right to merge profiles if a client has more than one.
  • A client can place an order by filling out an order form available on the company’s website. The client can also ask for assistance from the support staff when placing an order.
  • In the order form, the client must fill in the scope of the work and the requirement. The client has the responsibility of providing full and accurate information that is free of ambiguity.

3. Order Payment

  • The company has rates used to calculate the payment of the product. All payments are done in advance. The client’s order only begins to be processed after the payment is made and approved.
  • Clients can make payments via PayPal, credit card, or wire transfer.
  • The company will not be held responsible for any technical issues that occur while using various money transfer platforms. In case of transaction failure, the client must confirm their available balance and card validity before contacting support staff.
  • The client is responsible for paying taxes, which may be applicable depending on where they reside.
  • If a client doesn’t intend to use the company’s services, they can withdraw the balance available on their account. The company will refund the money within four to six business days.

4. Order Processing

  • Order validation. When the client pays for the product, the company still has the right to ensure that the details provided in the order form match those provided in the messaging system to the support staff. In case of discrepancies, the support staff will contact the client for clarification to finalize the details.
  • Order description. Every order placed by a client must have a description. The number of words/pages required is used to measure the size. One page that is single-spaced is approximately five hundred and fifty words, while a double spaced page is two hundred and seventy-five words. The product delivered to the client should have the number of words specified.
  • Change of order information. A client can change the order details by contacting the company’s support staff. If the change affects the volume of work, the complexity of the work, or urgency, additional charges may be applied.
  • Communication: A client can contact their writer through the messaging system available on their profile. The system offers a secure means of communication between the parties.
  • Progress tracking. A client can use the order page on their account to track the work progress. The messaging system can also be used to communicate with the writer.
  • Order delivery. The company is responsible for the timely delivery of products. The support staff will contact the client in case additional time is required for completion of work. A client can download the completed order on their profile. The company is not responsible for any technical issues that may be encountered on the client’s end resulting in untimely downloading of the product.

5. Order Revision

  • Clients have the right to get free editing of their work in the two weeks after the order is delivered. Any revisions after this period will require additional payment depending on the complexity of the work.
  • A client can submit a revision request via the feedback form on a client’s account.
  • The company will offer a free revision only if the initial requirements were not followed. If this is not the case, the company has the right to ask for additional payment.
  • The deadline for the revision must not be sooner than the original deadlines on the order form.
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