Technology in general and eLearning in particular.

Assignment One: Learning Community Defined
Parts A and B are of equal weighting so consider this also to be of equal word count. So 1400 words a piece.
For Part A – two items – so roughly 700 words each.
For Part B – three items – so roughly 460 words each
This is just a rule of thumb but it’s good to keep at or near these numbers to ensure adequate coverage of all elements.
Also you have a +/- 10% on the word length so it can be pushed to 3000 words if required.
Best wishes Mitch

Preparing for this assignment: Please refer to the Unit Map to determine which learning content and online activities are most relevant for this assignment.
Only one reference list (covering both Part A and Part B) needs to be provided for this assignment. The word count for the reference list does not need to be included in the word count for the assignment.

Part A – Learning Community Definition

Responses to this part of the assignment should be based on content and readings provided in the unit and on readings you have sources yourself. It is expected that you refer to, and correctly reference, these readings in your assignment.

(i) Develop a definition of a Learning Community based on relevant readings.

(ii) Choose one learning approach that can be used in a learning community and two different online tools that could be used as part of a learning environment using that approach. Describe the learning approach and how the two online tools can be used to support that approach. You may use one, or more, particular examples of where this has already been done to illustrate your explanation.

Part B – Learning Community Exposed
My elearning community which I participate in is:
Australian Flexible Learning Community
Responses to this part of the assignment should be based on a learning community experience. The best way to answer is to participate in a learning community for a period of time, but if unable to do this then talk with someone who has and reflect on his or her experience. The experience description should include the components below.

(i) Describe the learning community including purpose, learning approach, learning environment, participants, timeframe.

(ii) Describe the setup of the learning community including promotion, selection of participants, initial creation, technical aspects (including technical support), training, implementation.

(iii) Based on the definition of a learning community that you developed in Part A, explain why your chosen online environment is a learning community.


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