technical professional communication

technical professional communication

Order Description
Your task is to critically analyse a professional document that I will upload it for you that is called Reach and it is for private hospital and present your findings in a report format. To do this you must first imagine that the editor of private hospital document has commissioned a report to assess the document’s reader¬-centeredness, usefulness and persuasiveness.

I will upload for you 2 example of someone’s report that you can understand how it should be the report and structure. But it is just example. The writing in the example is not acceptable to use it. It is just for showing you to how is the structure. Look at the heading or subheading how are them.

Then you must:

• Analyse and evaluate the document using the criteria in other reputable sources,
• Redraft part of the document and recommend at least three changes. These changes could include (but are not limited to) a table, graphic, introduction to a section of text, chart etc. You need to be very specific as to why you chose the three recommendations.
• Include these recommendations as an Appendix to the report.
This report must have in- text –references. It is crucial to have it in each part.
I will upload important guideline structure for you and you need to write the report exactly like the structure and follow all of them and write about all the part like Title, abstract, content……and etc. that are in the guideline file.

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