Sustainable tourism of tour of the Charles Town Maroon Community.


– You are required to write two separate reports which are:
– The first report is:
– You are required to compile a 750-words critical appraisal of the sustainable issues, which have been highlighted in the virtual field tour of the Charles Town Maroon Community.

– What is a critical appraisal?
1) Critical appraisal – express or analyse the merits and faults of ideas you have formed from your empirical observation of the virtual field tour of Charles Town Maroon community
2) Your report should encompass theoretical perspectives of sustainable tourism including:
– Evaluate the extent to which tourism contributes to the ‘three pillars of sustainability’ which are the economic, environmental and social dimensions.

– Justify the claim that sustainable tourism is when ‘tourism is in a form which can maintain its viability in an area for an indefinite period’.
– Argue the case of how sustainable tourism is a tradeoff between economic costs and benefits, and environmental conservation and enhancement of the wellbeing of communities for generations to come.

– Assess the role of culture in the sustainable development of rural community tourism in Charles Town, Jamaica.
(You can organise the report in a format of your choice and include other perspective that relate to sustainable tourism more broadly).

– The structure of this report should be:

1)Introduction. 2) Main body. 3)Conclusion.
– The second report is:
– Sustainable tourism 600-words review:
– This report should include theoretical perspectives of the broader debate relating to ideas of sustainable tourism development. The limited word count means you may be restricted to only a few key issues about sustainable tourism.
– Examples of some of the issues in sustainable tourism development you may wish to appraise include:
1- How ideas of sustainable tourism differ from mass tourism?
2- What is meant by a ‘bottoms-up’ approach in tourism development?
3- Is sustainable tourism an unrealistic goal?
4- Discuss the viability of forms of geo-tourism, such as eco-tourism, community tourism, etc.

– I have uploaded to you the virtual field tour documents of the Charles Town and also a video link. You need to read the virtual field tour documents of the Charles Town and the other articles that have uploaded them to you and also to watch the video which is

– These all you need to write these two reports. Please, read the documents and watch the video then do the report and also use these as references for these reports.

Note/ I really need high quality to do these two reports at least 50% to pass the module. Please, do your best.

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