Sustainable Operation – Explore Worldwide – Marketing (1000 words) – Report style

Topic: Sustainable Operation – Explore Worldwide – Marketing (1000 words) – Report style

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Please read the Word document ” SUSTAINABLE OPERATIONS – Instructions” for all the guidelines for the Report.

Aim: Write a report that incorporates the principles of sustainability into the business operations of a H&T organisation.

Organisation: Explore Worldwide

• You can use either Explore Worldwide, or another H&T operator of your choice as a case study. If you do select an alternative case to Explore, you must confirm this with the module convenor before starting your research. In your plan, you must identify the context of your case study (e.g. existing sustainability provision and incorporation of principles into business practices, existing limitations and challenges, type of service and product offered, etc).

• This project is designed to test your ability to use theory to critique existing business practice and identify recommendations to change such practice and behaviour in a practical situation. You must therefore identify both existing strengths as well as areas for improvement. In doing so, you should develop appropriate solutions to problems identified as well as highlight any potential continuing issues and problems that may impede the effective implementation of your plan in the longer term. Think about four areas of operations covered in lectures and apply these to the case study in question.

• Research and analysis will be conducted and illustrated using only secondary data resources (i.e. existing sustainable tourism strategy or policy documents for your chosen case study, library resources (books, journals, statistical reports, policy documents, etc), internet searches, key tour operator/NGO/ websites and publications, DVDs, short films (e.g. you tube), photographs and other graphics).

¬ 4 topics for report (pretty much lecture topics of each week) (each approx. 1000 words)
(each topic layout needs to include definitions, theory, recommendations)
– topics to choose from are:
– risk & crisis management
– training and education
– Marketing (Approx. 1000 words)
– yield management
– facilities & domestic operations management
– product development
– auditing and feedback,
– building partnerships

Please only work on the Topic “Marketing” for the organization “Explore Worldwide”. Please read through the two PowerPoint documents “Marketing and PR Lecture – Explore” and “Marketing and Sustainable Operations” for the ideas and theories before start working on the Report.

No exclusive summary introduction and conclusion needed for the report. Just work on the Topic “Marketing”. Please see the sample report.

There is also an attachment Word document “Sustainable Operations Report – Sample report”. There is a topic on Marketing, please see how it should be written up. How it should be structured. Please use Heading and sub-headings under the topic “Marketing”. For example like “The Economy”, “The Environment and the Society” and “Marketing Recommendations”. These three sub-headings are shown in the sample report. This is just an example, you can choose to use your own headings or sub-headings. The layout must include Definitions, Theories and Recommendations.

For referencing, please use Harvard Referencing. Please see the attachment Word document “Research pathways for the assignment”. There is two research pathway recommended by my professor. Please try to login to it and find sources there. The sources should be academic journals articles, books, statistical reports etc.).

For language use, please try to use Simple English, as I’m a ESL (English as Second Language).

Please read all the documents before working on the order.

If there are any questions, feel free to drop me a message. Thanks

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