Supply Chain Management-Queuing Theory at Hilton Hotel checkin.

Develop a Case Study Analysis about a Real-World SCM Problem
2. IDENTIFY A SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT-TYPE PROBLEM IN AN ORGANIZATION. This will usually entail a problem that needs to be analyzed regarding the improvement of the Supply Chain for that industry.

You may choose one or more decision-making tool discussed in class — Project Management, Forecasting, Inventory, Queuing, Decision Theory, and/or Linear Programming, to study, then prepare a case study, analyze it, and make recommendations.
Queing Thoery is what I was assigned for Hilton Hotels line queuing for check ins.
Be sure to include the following:
• Background information about the company and the industry
• Description of the problem and relevance to the organization
• Develop a model to represent the problem (you may need to simplify the problem so include your assumptions / simplifications)
• Conduct sensitivity analysis on your inputs to the problem
• Make recommendations considering both quantitative analysis and common sense

1. Queuing Analysis — Analyze an operational unit with respect to queuing theory.
Use your judgment in selecting an operational unit that you plan to study the issues of congestion that complicate the delivery of products or services. Determine arrival and service rates and calculate measures of system performance. (You may need to collect data on arrival times and service times in order to calculate the rates.) Locate and discuss other issues related to layout, staffing, and other supply chain management problems.
• Create a written report about your case study and your analysis. Report should be typed and between 4 and 6 pages (plus appendices) in length. Data should be entered into Excel and all graphs and/or charts should be done using Excel.
• Prepare a PowerPoint presentation. Use the narration feature to record a voice over for your presentation. Need a Male to read the narration.


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